Whether your pup needs socializing or a place to play while you are away during the day, we have got you covered!

We offer daycare seven days a week!

Monday-Friday 7AM-8PM

Saturday-Sunday 8AM-6PM


Going on vacation? Or maybe just having guests over? What ever the reason your pups can come stay the night with us!

daycare info & pricing

Once your pup has completed a trial day, you are welcome to drop off for daycare anytime between our hours of operation. We are an open facility which means we do not separate by size. Dogs tend to sort themselves out based on energy level. If you have any concerns or special care required for your fur baby (i.e. older dogs) just let us know, we are committed to making your pets time here as comfortable and fun as possible!

Our Prices

One dog- $22

Two dogs- $32


Boarding info & Prices

Once your pup has completed a trial day, you are welcome to make reservations for boarding! When your dog stays overnight with us they will be out with the daycare dogs during the day. At night they are crated in a kennel with blankets where they eat dinner and breakfast. At drop off we will confirm your reservation and go over feeding, any medicine, or special care instructions. We do ask that you bring food for your pup in order to avoid upset tummies!

Our Prices

One dog- $35 per night

Two dogs- $45 per night

* We do require reservations be made at least 24 hours in advanced. Drop offs without reservations will be subject to a $20 no reservation fee*

getting your pup started

If you would like to get your pup started in daycare or use our boarding services we can set up trial! Trials take place Saturday mornings bewtween 8AM and 12PM. Updated vet records with proof of parvo, distemper, rabies, and bordetella vaccinations are required upon drop off.